Boys Theme

Daring Activities for Boys Theme

Boys generally like little risky and adventurous activities. They love winning the challenges. This is good to have learning of life and also to have fun at birthday parties. So, we Birthday Planner Company in Bengaluru have planned some daring activities for boys. In these activities, participants can have fun and if they are under 15 years of age, their mothers or our mentors can teach them how to win the game while keeping the excitement in control. These activities can be chosen as per the package you take. Birthday Party Organizers in Bengaluru can not only manage birthday parties, but also they can be part of your family concerns.


Tattoo Maker

Let us talk about the very first activity, Tattoo Making. Birthday Party Organizer, has identified the potential of this activity. Youths are crazy about it. They love tattoos. They consider it to be the symbol of fashion. For them it is a piece of glamour. If they come to a birthday party and get tattoo making as an activity, they would go gaga over it. In a Themed Birthday Party in Bengaluru making a tattoo as per the theme would give them double pleasure. It would encourage them to participate in the fun activities with more fervor and zeal.

Gun Shooting

Guns and vehicles are always the first choice of the boys. They always enjoy on their own if they have these 2 things. If this happens to be an activity with some rewards, it will be just wonderful for them. They enjoy the Birthday Decorations, Bengaluru too but the enthusiasm of gun shooting cannot be compared with anything else. Additionally, They may forget all the things and will be completely involved into it and enjoy the game. They can even take multiple turns for it.


Hoopla is another game which involves challenges. It is a game in which there are several rings given to the participants. There are various attractive prizes of use. The prizes can be everyday household articles, gadgets, gifts, etc. The participants need to stand at some distance and need to throw rings. One participant is given 5 to 10 rings. If he throws the ring and the ring happens to fall around the article then the participant wins that article for free. Birthday Party Organizers, Bengaluru have a lot of experience to handle such games the excitement of people during birthday parties.

Bouncy Games

Here is another category of games called as bouncy games. These can go along with all kinds of Themed Birthday Party in Bengaluru. They also have lots of energy involved in it. Thus these are also the games in which boys could really enjoy. These games are the most favorite ones for children especially. They enjoy each other’s company the best into these kinds of games.

Besides these games there are Masks and Loot Bags arranged by Birthday Planners in Bengaluru. Masks give a great look according to the theme. People love doing different and funny activities while wearing the masks and boys enjoy loot bags related activities apart from other apart from Birthday Decorations, Bengaluru.