About Us

Birthday Planner Company has its branch in Bangalore with corporate office in Delhi (India). It was established 13 years ago in India. We organize birthday parties for all age groups. As the name suggests, we organize birthday parties exclusively and this makes us specialists in our business. We are the best Birthday Party Organizer in Bangalore.  We work on themes for each and every birthday party and try to make it special. This dedication has only made us reach so far and complete 13 years of journey. We have catered to almost all the sections of society and we are well known for the best quality services.


The vision of Birthday Planner Company is to make all the birthday parties special, as the birthday of a person is special, not only for his own self but also for his near and dear ones.

Birthday Planner Company is also envisioned to make all the birthday parties unique with some unique theme. Our Themed Birthday Party Bangalore team will let you feel the most different experience every time you take our services.

Birthday Party Organizer in Bangalore want to let everyone feel that the party was such a great experience. We work on overall management, catering, protection and all the aspects of an event.


Our mission statement says that every birthday party should have the best of services. Be it Birthday Decoration in Bangalore or the planning. We focus on all the parameters of a birthday party. We want every birthday party to have great memories associated with it and the guests should have the superb experience. They should get the tastiest food, eye catchy decorations, perfect theme and every small and big thing that they can go gaga over with Birthday Party Organizer in Bangalore. Every person must feel the happiest on his birthday.

Our Team

The journey of 13 successful years is only possible with a more than professionally dedicated team. The work of arranging a party needs attention of every minute detail to the highest possibility. We have departments for all such aspects. Further, there are multiple numbers of professionals working in them with a head who is the pillar of Birthday Party Organizer in Bangalore. We have regular training sessions for all of them. We try to bring newness to the Birthday Decorations in Bengaluru.

Work Ethics

Ethics means good behavior. We, the Birthday Party organizers in Bangalore follow the ethics very sincerely not only at the top management but also at the middle. We have no compromise policy when it comes to quality of the material required for decorations, food, human resource, etc. Also, We treat our clients and employees equally. We are generous in giving care to our team members as well during Themed Birthday Party in Bengaluru. There are safety arrangements and post aid arrangements in case any discrepancies take place.

Birthday Planner Company is an ethical and dedicated birthday party planning company. You can please rely on us for sure for the best party arrangements. With our best resources we deliver complete and absolute services and thus are know well in the region of Bengaluru.