Anniversary Themes

Fun with Anniversary Themes

When the word ‘anniversary’ comes, we often think about a marriage anniversary only. However, anniversary can be any occasion, good or bad coming once a year. However with Birthday Planner Company in Bengaluru, we are going to talk about marriage anniversaries especially along with the first birthday party of the infant. Therefore, This is the concept that a couple enjoys the first birthday of the child more than anything. Additionally, They spend a lot on their child’s first birthday. So, Birthday Planner Company has come up with the idea to celebrate the marriage anniversaries also. Besides that, The intention is to give them lots of happiness on their coming anniversaries with beautiful decorative ideas along with Themed Birthday Party in Bengaluru.

First Birthday Party

Birthday Planners in Bengaluru work very hard to make the first birthday of the child special and give the parents lots of happiness. Also, We understand that the child is not able to enjoy as much as others can. But we decide the theme, we go for creative decorative ideas that create beautiful atmosphere for the child to enjoy and get memories for the future. Thus, the child gets wonderful pictures of his first birthday party to preserve when he grows up because of Birthday Decorations Bengaluru.

First Marriage Anniversary

Birthday Planner Company in Bengaluru also has specialization in organizing birthday parties with equal expertise. Basically, The first marriage anniversary is the most special one. Therefore, we do make very innovative arrangements for it. The theme could be of romance preferably. As per which all the other participants, who are mostly couples, have to be in the same dressing to have great vibes.

Decorative Ideas for the First Anniversary

There is dim light with slow and romantic music. The guests, the host and the couple are welcomed with red roses. There are all the beautiful and romantic lights and colors that exude soft feelings and light-heartedness. The decorative ideas are nonetheless than Birthday Decorations Bengaluru. They make the party equally attractive.

Silver Jubilee

Silver Jubilee is when an anniversary is celebrated after successful completion of 25 years of togetherness. Birthday Planner Company takes the responsibility with full fervor to have an opportunity to organize a party with an anniversary theme. Birthday Party Organizers in Bengaluru do proper homework before executing. We collect lots of information related to the couple. For example, the photographs, special moments of fun as well as challenges, etc.

Decorative Ideas for Silver Jubilee

Birthday Party Organizers in Bengaluru can take paste the pictures of the couples making them memorize their special days. There can be candles for candle light dinners for all the participating couples, etc.

Golden Jubilee

Birthday Party Organizer in Bengaluru takes a huge pride in organizing a Golden Jubilee. Golden Jubilee is the 50 years of celebration of togetherness. This is as special as the first one. This really takes efforts and patience to take a marriage to 50 years of completion. The specialty of Themed Birthday Party in Bengaluru with anniversary theme is its decoration.

Decorative Ideas for Golden Jubilee

There can be cutouts of the couples apart from pictures, romantic music, dim light, red flowers; which are the symbol of love, and Birthday Planners in Bengaluru are experts at it.