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Make your loved one’s birthday party a grand success with Birthday Designer`

Whether kids or adults, we all love surprises and what better than birthdays. Although, We all love to celebrate this one day for our loved ones and make it memorable for them. They are special and one surprise party with their favorite people and choices can make them feel even more special. We all have plans and ideas for the party, yet executing the plan can be questionable. Based on the smart city- Bangalore, we at Birthday Designer have all the expertise to execute your ideas. In fact, Our supportive and cooperative team of professionals are excellent birthday planners in Bangalore. They will guide you at every step of your planning and execution.

Birthday Planners in Bangalore

Smart city, smart solution

As the city grows, Bangalore the cosmopolitan hub has a lot to offer, including hassles. While traffic might be your major concern, did you know night clubs in Bangalore have a time constraint? Planning for a Surprise party at one of the clubs might sound happening, yet not a wise decision. Spread across the city, our expert and excellent birthday planners in Bangalore are available 24*7 to meet all your needs.

As we have been prevalent in the market for more than a decade now, we at Birthday Designer have a complete understanding of the market. In fact, In this era of smart generation, your smart kids are definitely smart to demand high advanced birthday parties. However, Our birthday planners in Bangalore offer smart and advanced solutions at each corner of the city to make your celebration trendy and fabulous.

Flexible and Cooperative

Finding the right venue and setting up a perfect ambiance for your celebration are the first few key elements in the checklist. However, Our birthday planners in Bangalore have the best of venue choices available for you. We also have a list of farmhouses, bungalows and other bare houses. That we can completely transform and customize to suit your Surprise party theme.

Wondering, if we can host the party at your house? Definitely, our excellent birthday planners in Bangalore will make your dream come true for you in the best fashion possible.


Supporting with decisions in venue selection, we also offer smart décor. Birthday parties are usually celebrated with a theme. Yet, for smart generation kids, it is no longer just the Chota Bheem or a Barbie party.

How about celebrating your child’s birthday with smart light decors? Your kids would definitely love to wonder in Jurassic Park. How is it possible? Well, our expert team of lighting technicians not just build the ambiance, but also offer to create a digital park and experiences like the Jurassic World. Our birthday planners in Bangalore have all the expertise to turn your digital dreams into reality.

However, Our expertise also offers special wall lighting décors for your birthday celebration. In fact, you can have a wall decorated with pictures of your loved ones as a wall hanging or a wall collage with special lighting effects. This would be the center of attention for your party and also a unique way of showcasing memories of your loved ones.

Special Effects

How about special lighting effects in the walls with frames as background for photo sessions? No party in the digital era is complete without clicking pictures and sharing them socially. Let’s make it more special for your guests by providing special designated decorated areas at the venue to capture memories of your party. Our birthday party planners in Bangalore would not just set the area but also assist you at every step and hour like selecting the best photos, printing them as per the size and maybe even develop a story around it.

Adding to the special ambiance setup can be your ceiling lights. Special ceiling lights accompanied with color balloons can offer a different site of the event. Colored bottled with lights placed all-round the floor can add to the mood of the Surprise party. Although, We understand your worry for the kids and the risk involved with them around. Our birthday planners in Bangalore are specialists and we provide all supervision. We take all required precautions and steps needed to avoid any such risk or mishap at your party venue.

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Excellent Birthday Planners in Bangalore

Sit back and relax

Accompanied with exclusive light decors, we also take care of the sound. We provide special sound systems for your party. If you are organizing and creating the Jurassic Park in your venue. Besides, How about some nasty dinosaur sound to add to the mood of your celebration. 

We can also set up the dance floor with the best of light and sound techniques. Our adept birthday planners in Bangalore also manage to provide DJ’s, music artist or any other artist of your choice for your party. Music of all choices whether local or international, Bollywood or Hollywood we assure your guests and loved ones are going to have ultimate fun.

Other than DJ and dance you can also have a Karaoke session of your favorite music or songs, which would be well-coordinated by our birthday planners in Bangalore. While you cannot be out at night clubs after 11 in the city, you can still continue to groove or sing with our birthday planners in Bangalore.

Inclusive Package

We do not stop with the décor. Offering mouthwatering delicacy, our list of food includes all varieties of food. Therefore, Our team will take care of all the food arrangements. We will also be responsible for managing your guest list. Our packages also include an arrangement of invitation cards and return gifts at affordable prices. In addition, We offer customized gifting solutions, again smart and advanced for your guests.

Now worried about the budget? We understand the finances and our excellent birthday planners will definitely provide cost-effective party ideas suitable for your budget. We shall be responsible for total entertainment at your party and promise to make this day worth a lifetime experience for you and your loved ones.

Your loved ones are surely going to love you for our extraordinary setup and for choosing us. Our smart solutions and execution program will definitely be a pleasure for you. You can sit back, relax and enjoy your party with no burden.


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