Building energetic memories with exclusive birthday planner in Bangalore

A splash of energy with the best birthday planner

Planning and executing a birthday party for your loved ones with a birthday planner is always a recommended suggestion. Your party planners arrange and organize the event completely, allowing you to have your fun time at the party. It gives you all the time to enjoy with your guest and loved ones. The Birthday Designers- the best birthday planner in Bangalore has more than a decade of market expertise. However, We assist our clients at all stages of planning and execution, making the birthday celebration the most memorable event of their lives.

As a birthday party planner in Bangalore, we offer exclusive services guaranteeing one-off of its kind showbiz for your children. While kids love to play around, activities are ideal for such birthday parties. The kids are happy, engaged and involved. Moreover, they love to compete with their friends and win over.

Exclusive Entertaining Activities for Children

Birthday Designers is the only birthday planner in Bangalore offering a wide offer range of birthday activities to make this special day classy and remarkable. For exciting experiences at the party, we bring to you activities like Balloon Twisting, Saree Rapping, Hair Braiding, Face Painting, Nail Painting, Musical Chair, Passing the Parcel and much more. Our team assures you to take care of all the arrangements and also ensuring your guests are completely engrossed during the party.

Balloon Twisting

A much-loved activity, Balloon twisting is one of the most favorite among the kids. As a birthday planner in Bangalore, we make arrangements for all types of balloons required for the activity. The botheration is totally ours.

Balloon twisting also brings out the best of creativity in children. Balloons bought in various patterns can be turned and twisted to create several designs. Some of the famous designs include Animals where kids can twist the balloons to make a dog, cat or any of their favorite puppets like a turtle or mouse. They would be cute and amusing just like your children. Further, balloons can be twisted to hats, hearts, flowers or bracelet like designs.

Our team of experts would be consistent in helping your kids learn and do not worry, the balloons would not burst and scare your little one.

Birthday Planner in Bangalore

Saree Rapping

It would be lovely to witness your kids trying to drape a saree around themselves. What better than an activity where your little princess would make all efforts to try the saree by herself. Young and tender kids are probable to learn faster and such activities are not just fun-loving but also a great deal for learning.

Yet, the activity is not limited only to the girls. Even boys can try to drape a saree. The competition would be definitely a treat to watch. As fun as it sounds, how about adding a time limit. In fact, even adults can participate and win some amazing gifts for themselves.

In fact, We would arrange light weighted and easy to manage sarees for this activity. Our team of birthday planner in Bangalore would equally participate and you never know, it might be a tough game.

Hair Braiding

The fun list of activities includes providing you with experts who offer a makeover to your kids. Basically, Braiding hair would a much admirable activity for your little ones.

Our experts of birthday planner in Bangalore offer different styles of hair braids. Some of such braid styles include- half-up side braid, cross-cross braided bun, twisted pigtails, braids mash-up, multiple braids and many more. We promise to make your child look beautiful and stylish.

Face Painting

As a highlight of the party, face painting activity is a completely engaging task. Painting your kids with emoji’s or their favorite Spiderman, superman design can be awe-striking. In fact, your kid would love to paint your face with their super creative imaginations. How about a selfie together afterward to showcase your kid’s talent to the world?

Furthermore, We also offer to bring in experts and paint specialists. Birthday Designers’ team of birthday planner in Bangalore would definitely not compromise on the quality of the paint.

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birthday planner in Bangalore

Nail Art

What better way to pamper your little princess than this special day? Nail art is an activity very dear to the little princess. We call in experts who paint exceptional designs and create artistic designs for your kid. A few designs your kid can flaunt include checkbox black and white nail art, minion art, or any animal design.

Therefore, For all the ladies at the party, we birthday planner in Bangalore will arrange the best quality of nail polish with unique colors and good quality nail polish.

Musical Chair

A fun and all-time favorite activity, the musical chair is one of the best-known activities among all kids and even the elderly. Besides, This activity brings everyone to the floor.

In Addition, Enjoyable and exciting as it sounds, the only right thing needed is the right music. We birthday planner in Bangalore will provide our best assistance for all sound setup and music selection and we will also check that no one cheats.

Passing the Parcel

This activity is surely going to sweat out your kids with a lot of competition in the house. Passing the parcel is always fun to watch the game until the end. Even adults can participate and relive their childhood days. Besides, The winner gets a surprisingly amazing gift from our birthday planner in Bangalore

Adding to the list of exciting activities, our birthday planners also offer some exclusive games like a treasure hunt, quiz, bubble race or bowling alley. You can also choose to play some mind games like chess with your little ones. Above all., We can also arrange for some fun activities for the elders like housie, UNO, jigsaw puzzle or win in a minute challenge.

Why us?

In case you are looking for a bright day outdoor birthday party, we suggest some cool activities like sack race, lemon race or the one-legged race. In fact, This would set the energy and mood of the party.

Our birthday planner in Bangalore is open to suggestions and would definitely love to listen to your ideas. However, together we can make your party the most happening party in the town.

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