Birthday Party Planner

I shall ever remember my 5th birthday party. The surprises and grand celebration shall always be the closest to my heart. Imagine when your loved ones would be sharing their birth stories with their friends and the world ever after. We exactly know the feeling!

Such grand celebrations and building memories of a lifetime can sometimes be exhausting. We are here, thus, at your service! With the experience of more than a decade. Besides, we at Birthday Designer the best birthday party planner in Bangalore promise to make the experience more pleasant and enchanting for your loved ones.

Birthday Designer based in Bangalore is a professional and proficient birthday party planner in town. In fact, We are known for our innovative and unique style of party planning and execution. Moreover, We ensure you the best experience on this special day for your loved one.

What do we offer?

We offer services include organizing exceptional birthday parties. Moreover, We are a one-stop solution providing all arrangements right from your venue selection to your cakes, décor, food, and photographers too. With a committed team of birthday party planners, we promise to turn your dream party into reality and make it the most remarkable day for your loved one.

Our birthday party planner in Bangalore specializes in organizing engaging theme parties. Rather, Surprising your little ones or parents and grandparents with what they love the most can make this day unforgettable for them.

Your kid must be a huge fan of Doremon or the Avengers, while your little princess must be a Mermaid or Snow White fan. We expertise in planning and bringing your kids dream party into reality in the best and simplest possible manner. Here are some of the exclusive theme parties for you-

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Birthday Party Planner

Girl Birthday Party Themes:

Barbie Theme

Dressed in pink and white, your little princess would just look gorgeous. With a complete Barbie setup, we provide all setup of decorations with balloons and special customized Barbie cake. Your invitation cards to your return gifts are all the little Barbie style. Our birthday party planner in Bangalore would also organize all entertaining games for the little Barbies in the house.

Princess Theme:

You would love to make your special daughter feel the princess of your life. This theme is close to many little girls and we assure you to make it more special for them.  The invitation cards to the ambiance of the venue are setup accordingly with the theme. Your little daughter rules the day like a princess and our excellent team of birthday party planners ensure to make all her wishes come true on this special day.

The Little Mermaid Theme:

How about being a special fish in the sea? It’s always a feeling undefined. Your little daughter believes in fairy tales can come true with this one extraordinary theme. Our birthday party planner in Bangalore promises to set up the right ambiance and feel through their outstanding and unique décor ability. A special mermaid cake and games in the water can make this day much significant for your little one. Do not worry, we will take care of all the safety too.

Wonder Women Theme:

You would love your little daughter to grow strong and we believe in strength. For all the little girls who grow up as magnificent powerhouse, the Wonder Women theme is the best. Sending out strong messages in invitation cards to organizing customized dress for your little daughter, our birthday party planner in Bangalore makes it all possible. 

To make it more special you can even choose other themes like Alice In Wonderland, Snow White, the Fairy Theme or Minnie Mouse.

Boys Birthday Party Themes:

Chota Bheem Theme:

The most popular and exciting theme, the Chota Bheem of your house would love to feel the same on this special day. Our birthday party planner in Bangalore arranges for exclusive decors like orange and green balloons, the Chota Bheem special cake, invitation cards and a special photo booth for your little one to enjoy.

Minion Theme:

A special and much popular theme, this one cannot go wrong. With millions of Minions fans, we ensure to arrange the day just appropriately and make this an unforgettable celebration. In fact, A special Minion T-shirt dress code and cake can do wonders for your lovely champ.

Avengers Theme:

Does your champ admire the Superheroes? We are sure he will. The Avengers are always trendy and special. Your champ would love to celebrate his special day as his superhero and step into their shoes. Likewise, Our birthday party planner in Bangalore is here just to make it right for you. Characters of Superheroes and power games can indeed be a memorable experience. Similarly, We also specialize in organizing special Superhero Theme Parties like Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man or the Super Man. Additionally, Some other exclusive themes include- The Royal Prince Theme, Doremon Theme, Jungle theme

Additionally, we also make sure that all your parties are interactive for your guests. On the whole, We offer a pool of services including your venue selection, setting up the right ambiance with the right décor, customized birthday cakes both thematic or any flavor of your choice. In addition, We take care of all catering services at the party, the light and stage setup. Also, we arrange for all kinds of activities and games to keep the party rolling. Artist or a special musical night with your DJ is all available in our checklist.

Why Us?

We engage with our clients with a completely positive approach, understanding their requirements including the budget.  In Fact, We offer all Innovative Concepts, Creative Ideas, Theme Parties ensuring all production and execution in the smoothest manner.

Moreover, We are a steadfast team of best birthday party planners known for our time commitment. In fact, We ensure your party starts at the time with no glitches in the process. Besides, We are best known for our idea conceptualization and meticulous planning to the distinctive execution guaranteeing you the best birthday celebration in town. 

Furthermore, Our team includes crazy and fun-loving individuals who are expert birthday party planners for all age groups. Enthusiastic and children loving they specialize in kid’s birthday party celebrations.

We are here for you. Share your day with us so you can sit back, relax and enjoy!

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