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Birthday party organiser

An entertainment-packed party with the best Birthday party organiser

No birthday party can be fun if the party does not have a complete entertainment package. Whether you are celebrating your own birthday or birthday of your loved one, your little kid or grown-ups, you want this day to be special. You want it to be the most memorable day for your loved ones and also your guests. However, Birthday Designer Bangalore, the best birthday party organiser are sure you would not approve if your guest gets bored, or your loved ones are not enjoying it. Why would you take all that stress after all?

As stressful as it sounds, organizing a birthday party is not just enough. It is important that birthday parties are fun and memorable. Basically, Organizing a party includes many must-have provisions. While you have to take care of a thousand arrangements, our birthday party organiser can be of the greatest support.

Our trained birthday party organiser will take care of all your other arrangements, not to miss the vitality of entertainment. As a complete package, we offer some of the best entertainment choices that will make your birthday party enjoyable and an unforgettable experience.

As an integral component to birthday parties, our birthday party organiser Bangalore understands how customers might have a different choice. Entertainment is subjective and thus, we offer a list with a variety of choices.

Birthday Party Organiser
Birthday Party Organiser

Party Host

While you as the organizer of the birthday party, you are also the host of the party. As the host, you have to ensure that you attend to all your guests personally. It is equally important that you attend your loved ones. It is also important that you are at the cake cutting, food table ensuring all arrangements. Yet, this isn’t enough!

As a host, you cannot be omnipresent at your party. There might be some guests who are your friends and who knows no one around. There might be a few of your office colleagues who do not know your family yet. As such hours, it is important to have a party host.

While you are attending your other guest, our birthday party organiser suggests having an anchor who can keep entertaining others. While it might be difficult for you to introduce all of them to each other, the party anchor can do fun-loving activities to introduce your guests.

The anchor, male or female, can also be your host to manage the activities like games in the party and keep your audience engaged. They can even organize activities like on spot dance competitions for the kids in the party, or even the adults.

As our birthday party organiser takes full responsibility for all arrangements and ensures that your party is organized and executed smoothly, the host shall keep your guest entertained while you can sit and relax.

Game Coordinator

Birthday parties should be full of enthusiasm and energy. Birthday parties do not happen every day and when it does, people expect a lot more than just-food. Thus, to ensure your party is the most talked about party of the town, our birthday party organiser ensures that your guest and loved ones go exhausting and full of fun-loving memories. 

Thus, our birthday party organiser Bangalore makes sure that the party hours are well coordinated. As such, we suggest professional and trained game coordinators for birthday parties. While you attend your guests and other important activities like cake cutting ceremony at the party, our game coordinators keep the kids engaged with interesting games and activities.

The game coordinator will manage all requirements and arrange for all required props and necessities. The game coordinator ensures that both the kids and adults are involved and engaged in the games. They also make sure that everyone is having a rock-solid time at your party.


Imagine you enter your party hall to just start with your party, and magic happens. It will be an awe-striking moment for everyone at the party. Thus, our experienced birthday party organiser provides you with professional magicians to create unforgettable and striking memories at your birthday party. An experienced magician can keep your kids entertained. It shall not be only engaging but also your guests and kids, including you can participate in their activities.

Dance Performance

While it is fun to have a dance floor and have your guests dancing all night long at your party. Our birthday party organiser can arrange for special dance performances at your party.

They provide you with a list of best solo dance performers or troupes who can entertain your guests and loved ones. If you are looking for a special performance, our birthday party organiser can even have the dance performers perform a special dance at the favorite song or music of your birthday boy or girl. This would definitely make it special for your loved ones.

Also, to keep it entertaining, we can manage to provide you multiple solo dance performers to keep the energy up. We also provide a special form of dance performances by expert dancers for your birthday party.

Music Artist

Music is always the best form of entertainment and everyone loves music. Our birthday party organiser can arrange for singers or music bands to play at your birthday party. This would not only be entertaining; it rather will make the party lively.

Our expert party organisers will definitely ensure that the music genre is of your choice and kind. Whether you want a soulful music band, some retro Bollywood songs. Or a contemporary artist, our birthday party organiser Bangalore will manage it all for you. We also take special requests for specific bands or artists. And promise to do our best to make your celebration special.

Special Artists

Our birthday party organiser ensures to offer and make your birthday party the most memorable and entertaining party. Thus, we also cater to high profile artist management and their appearances on your birthday. In case you have high budgets. And we are looking for celebrities at your birthday party. We are the best party organisers for you and your loved ones.

Birthday Party Organisers In Bangalore

Your outdoor parties are a success with the best birthday party organisers in Bangalore. However, Bangalore offers you splendid weather for a perfect birthday celebration outdoor. A bright sunny morning park or evening sunset near the beach might sound a brilliant birthday party idea for your loved one. It is refreshing and allows you more time to spend with your guests and loved ones. While this might look like a huge task to manage, our birthday party organisers in Bangalore have all the necessary provisions and amenities intact for you, including managing any risk. Our birthday party organisers in Bangalore are specially trained and have proven experience with our clients providing excellent services in organizing and managing outdoor birthday parties.

Why Outdoor?

In this digital age, kids are more interested to play video games and stay indoors rather than playing gully cricket. They are happier in winning an online cricket game than batting and shouting “that’s an out”. Yet, how long can they stay indoors?

The joy of playing in a field is and will be always irreplaceable. We agree you cannot certainly push your kids outside to play. How about organizing their birthday party in an open field where they not only celebrate but also play and enjoy the real games at real locations. You never know some fresh air and unlimited enjoyment can, after all, be a distinctive day for your child. 

While at Bangalore, you can have the best spot for your celebration without doubting the weather. It is pleasant and suitable at all hours. Our birthday party organisers in Bangalore will provide you with the best location options to choose for your celebration.

birthday party organisers in bangalore
birthday party organisers in bangalore

The Location

While outdoor activities are a lot of fun, you have to choose the location bases the timing of your birthday party. Our birthday party organisers in Bangalore provide you exceptional guidance for selecting your site. Do not worry! We also carry out a complete recce before we suggest any spot.

Spotting the right spot

Though selecting a venue for your outdoor birthday party might seem simple, it demands cautious decision making. A few criteria’s listed by our expert birthday party organisers in Bangalore include-

1). Your budget

Even though it may be a park or a ground, every space demands some money. You might have to consider the ground owner or clubs owning the ground or a pool party. Even in case of a park. Your budget exclusively determines what kind of space can be suitable.

2). Number of Guests

These are vital criteria. How many guests you invite determines the area required for hosting the party. Our birthday party organisers in Bangalore can only suggest the space once they are informed of the number of guests coming to the party. They can even sit down with you to help you prepare with the list.

3). Type

The type usually determines what kind of party you wish to host. If you looking for a theme party, we do not have to select the right spot but also look around to set up a tent-like arrangement. If you wish to organize an evening party with the music and dance floor, our birthday party organisers in Bangalore need to spot areas where it is permissible.

4). Time

This factor is important for our birthday party organisers in Bangalore to understand what kind of outdoor spot would be best suitable. If you want a noon party with a lot of activities we recommend an open ground, while for a brunch party a park would be sufficient. Thus, the time you host a party is essential to spot selection.


Outdoor birthday parties demand meticulous planning. It is imperative to have a detailed plan in hand and check for all minute details. Organizing outdoor games and activities might seem simple, yet, they can also demand a lot of other arrangements. Games like sack race can demand of course the sacks but also depending on the number of participants. Our birthday party organisers in Bangalore make sure they have it all arranged beforehand and no one is left bored.

To make it engaging and fun for the kids, some of the all-time favorite outdoor activities include hide and seek, the treasure hunt, limbo, musical chair, lemon in a spoon and many more. Moreover, Our enthusiastic team would provide all assistance with any arrangements required.


Good weather offers good privilege for outdoor birthday parties to decorate just the way you want. Our birthday party organisers in Bangalore are professionals with amazing ideas for your décor. However, No matter what the theme is we make sure it is elegant and poised.

Our birthday party organisers in Bangalore suggest décor basis the location and time. A loud sound and light party would be best for the evening or a little later like seven or eight o’clock. A balloon spread all over the garden with bright mix colors would be fun for your kids for an early morning or noon party. In fact, they can even enjoy bursting the balloons or run behind to catch one of them.

Stand Out

While all the other ideas seem to be somewhat what all can do, our supportive and brilliant executioners suggest a picnic instead. When was the last time you had a picnic with your family and friends? How about celebrating the special day with a perfect outing where everyone can do anything? All your friends and family would be participating and it would an engaging and fun-loving birthday celebration.

Our birthday party organisers in Bangalore have the expertise to arrange for your picnic spot. Travel for commuting with all your guest. However, Toys for your kids or planning for all activities and games. Our party planners would also assist you with food preparation. How about carrying all the items on the spot and cook there? If you want caterers, we can manage that for you. Otherwise, our team recommends cooking fresh food on the spot rather than box meals on such occasions. It is healthy and at the same time doing it yourself on certain occasions can be a distinct experience for everyone.

Nonetheless, where a complete picnic arrangement or a night party, whether it is indoor or outdoor, our team has it all it takes to be the best. Our market expertise for more than a decade now makes us the most competent birthday party organizers in Bangalore. Therefore, Our versatile and flexible team guarantees to make this special day unforgettable for you.

Birthday Party Organizers in Bangalore

The most economical birthday party organizers in Bangalore

In the current era, the truth of life is – the more you earn the lesser it is. With increased prices. However, market rates aggregating every day like never before, celebrating festivals or special occasions might be tough. Yet, you cannot afford to ignore a few important celebrations like a birthday party for your little one. Nonetheless, you always have the option of hosting an economical and budget-friendly party for your loved ones. We at Birthday Designers are the most economical birthday party organizers in Bangalore. We host all types of events whether low or high budget. Even if you have a limited budget to spend and still are looking for a smashing birthday party, our team of birthday party organizers in Bangalore is the most reasonable and suitable crew for you.

Even though the city might seem expensive and you must wonder if you should have party organizers, we assure you choosing our proficient birthday party organizers in Bangalore would be your best choice. Our experts understand the value of not just your money but also the significance of this day for you. Let us tell you a few ways how we can make this day special for you even in a limited budget.

Birthday Party Organizers in Bangalore
Birthday Party Organizers in Bangalore


We suggest contacting the team weeks before can be of great value. This would help us to understand your requirements and at the same time suggest economical purchases or bookings and collaborations.

Planning for a house party to save costs can be a good idea. Yet, why litter your house? On many occasions, booking venue weeks or months before can avail you with huge discounts. At the same time, it gives our team of birthday party organizers in Bangalore to search for the most reasonable venue for your party so the budget stays intact. We can negotiate, have options and procure the best deal for you.

On certain occasions, you might have several venues providing greater discounts and thus contacting us early can help us fetch you the right deal. If not a banquet hall, how about a community center. This might be even more exciting at an excellent affordable price.

Make Smart Choices

Having a limited guest list can sometimes seem impossible. However, it can also be fruitful when you include the most important people. It avoids commotion and also helps you spend a better time with your closed ones.

Prepare your guest list and maybe you can only select the very few important guests first. This would help our birthday party organizers in Bangalore to understand what kind of venue would be suitable. This would help us to accommodate all your guests without any complaint along with, ensure the best arrangements for your party.

Go Digital

The world is in your smartphone. Do you remember receiving a well-designed wedding invitation on your WhatsApp?We recommend a similar cost-saving and effective way of sending out your invites.

Our creative birthday party organizers in Bangalore would sit down with you weeks before to design the most elegant and fun-loving invitation card. You can decide on the color of the card, the theme of the card basis your party idea. Our team can also provide you the same with sizes perfect for Watsapp or email. 

A digital invitation is not just economical Birthday Party organizers but also saves your time from visiting people and inviting them personally. You can send the invitation cards weeks before and we recommend making a reminder call to your guest just days before the celebration. This would make up for your personal invitation. You can at the same time confirm the number of guests coming to your party.


Even though you have a limited number of guests, you have to arrange for food. Choosing a time like after lunch and before dinner would be the best. An evening party can save you from arranging a full meal. You can have multiple choices of snacks for your guests. This is filling and at the same time easily manageable.

Nevertheless, a birthday party cannot be complete without a cake. Planning to buy one? Why buy one when you can bake a cake by yourself. Our birthday party organizers in Bangalore would not just help you purchase the cake items but also bake it with you.

For the evening snacks, our birthday party organizers in Bangalore offer you a list of options where you can buy the snacks. If the buyer does not fit your budget, our team would assist you in purchasing groceries as per the menu and we also offer catering services at the most affordable cost. After all, preparing snacks would not demand more than two individuals.

Also, planning weeks before can help our birthday party organizers in Bangalore to look for affordable stores or purchase online. The online delivery of food items does not then become questionable.

DIY – Do It Yourself

With a tight budget in hand, you might often think of cutting off a lot of amenities. However, our birthday party organizer in Bangalore suggest the opposite. We promise to not negotiate on anything that makes your party special.

Our flexible team of birthday party organizers in Bangalore are well-equipped and competent to help you prepare for the party all by themselves. Talking about the decorations, we suggest you keep it simple. Not always do you want a theme party? Our team would work out with balloons and paperwork designs to elegantly decorate your venue. Deciding weeks before can also help our team create special designs like animal designs with balloons and make the venue an animal land party for your child. Doesn’t it sound exciting? Or maybe we can also have special designs for display all around the venue.

Well, a budget constraint may seem to be a concern if done alone. You might want to consult with the experts and yet have an extravagant party in spite of the constraints. While we assure you with the best preparations, we also promise to make it entertaining. A karaoke night or organizing a singing and dancing competition for the kids at the party can be more memorable and fun to watch. You also do not need a special artist, when your kid can be the star of the show.

Birthday Organizer

Your party appetizers from best Birthday Organizer

A birthday party organized once a year for your loved one has to be special. While décor and Best venue play a significant role, a party is never over without good food. Whether it is a marriage, an anniversary celebration or a birthday celebration at your house, serving good food is important. A good party is definitely remembered for days, weeks or months when your guests have had an appetite filling party. Thinking what can suit your menu and not able to decide? Birthday Designer expert birthday organizer is exactly here to help you with the best food menu. We have well-organized and excellent catering services for birthday parties.

Good food is a good party! Yet, what food you serve at what time is equally important to be considered for your party. This is exactly what our birthday organizer specializes in. We not just have an exotic menu of choice but also what food can be served at what hour.

Your party timings-

More than serving the good food, it is important to know what is the right food to be served. Birthday parties can be celebrated at any hour of the day. While some prefer to start early around 11 am, some like to have a bright day noon party. While for the night owls’ evenings or night is the best time for a birthday party. Of course with working parents, it is only after 7 pm that a party can start.

Thus, not all kinds of food can be relished at any hour of the day. Our experienced birthday organizer can suggest the best menu according to your party timings.

Birthday Organizer
Birthday Organizer

The easy brunch party-

If you are organizing an early birthday party, you can have it started by 11 am. This is a good time with kids full of energy. The parents can join in and have their fun too. While 11 am is usually after breakfast, a brunch meal is the best option for this hour of the day.

Instead of a three-course meal, this is a good hour to offer some light snacks followed by light lunch. You can start serving with potato wedges and fries. Mini hot dogs and sandwiches can also be fun for kids. For lunch, you can have some Indian Bread and curry served along with or Chinese is also kids’ favorite. Well, even adults like it too. If you are planning a not too filling meal, why not go for pizza. Kids love the cheese and pizzas are convenient and everyone’s favorite.

The brunch parties are budget-friendly too. Cost and time effective is one of the best hours especially if it is a Sunday party. Our birthday organizer would be available with you from the start to the end. We take all responsibility for not just serving you the best food but also maintaining the quality.

The Noon (lunch) time party-

This time of the day definitely demands to serve proper meals. While the arrangements for a three-course meal might look expensive, our birthday organizer would definitely provide the best menu at affordable prices. Our catering services offer the best three-course meal with no compromise on quality and variety.

To start with, you can have soups and some side dishes along. Serving tomato soup for vegetarians or chicken soup for non-vegetarians is a good idea. Side dishes like corn cheese balls and paneer tikka can be on the go. Well, at this hour your guest would definitely be looking for a stomach filling meal. Our birthday organizer offers the best main course meals arranged with varieties like Indian, Chinese, Mughlai or Continental.

Any meal is incomplete without deserts. Sweet lovers would love to enjoy some gulab jamun or rasmallai, a brownie with ice cream or fruit salad. You can also have a variety of ice creams for the kids to enjoy.

The night or dinner party

After a long tiring day, your guest walks into your party to stay and enjoy. You can serve three-course meals starting with appetizing starters. Our birthday organizer would especially take care of the servings going at all tables at all hours. At this hour, we suggest you can have some delicious paneer kabab, aloo Tikki, burger patties or chicken65.

The dinner meal at such party hours is the most favorite time for gossips. Serving good meal with best of Indian bread, vegetables, curry or non-vegetarian curries can be enticing for your guest. Also, you can have Chinese, Thai or Mughlai food alongside more varieties. A pasta or noodle with Manchurian always serves good.

For all your guests with a sweet tooth, let’s offer them a plate full of sweet choices they cannot deny. Starting from kulfi to fresh fruit salad, fruit custard or carrot halwa and ice cream sundaes are tempting always.

Buffet or Box

Whether the choice is a non-vegetarian or a vegetarian meal our birthday organizer has it all covered. Our descriptive and exclusive menu option also offers healthy diet food, like if you want less oil, and food baked or less fatty food on the menu we have that too. We can also arrange for special Jain food for your guests. It is affordable and our birthday organizer would definitely manage the budget for you.

We also offer choices of buffet arrangement or meal boxes. Box food will be equally fresh, filling with snacks, meals, and desert. It is highly recommended for the kids and avoids littering too.

Other Arrangements

Our birthday organizer would cater to all specifics including maintenance of hygiene and healthy food. All food shall be freshly prepared at any hour of the party. Besides, This would be done under the strict guidance and surveillance of our birthday organizer.

Following the hygiene, we also understand that sometimes you might have restrictions to some specific food. In case of any allergy or health-related issues, our birthday organizer would definitely take care of all your instructions.

Our competent birthday organizer promises to serve delicious appetizers for your guests and loved ones. After all, we understand there is no good celebration without good food.

Birthday Party Organizer

Why do you need a birthday party organizer?

Birthday parties can be overwhelming. Your child must have been asking you how you are going to celebrate his/her birthday. You too must be waiting for the day and to witness the smile and joy on your child’s face is a never to forget the memory. However, the planning can seem tough if not broken down into appropriate and small task, especially when you plan a house party. Hosting a party at your house can be budget-friendly and convenient. Yet, planning and executing the party on that one day at your house can seem to be a life-threatening task. However, This is the exact reason why you need a good birthday party organizer.

Indoor birthday parties at your house can demand a complete makeover. In case you’re both a working couple we understand what support you would need. Our birthday party organizer steps in not just to plan your party but also support the makeover and provide complete assistance for organizing your house party. Let’s break down the process and our birthday party organizer will help you understand how we do it the best for you.

The Venue

Let’s start with cleaning your house. Arranging your house in order and setting it up for the house party is all on the shoulders of our birthday party organizer. In fact, The organizer would ensure that all your things are safely set in order so that kids do not destroy anything inside.

Also, we understand how the house can be messed up with your kid’s toys and their friends coming along, Well, we can all imagine the sight.

Nevertheless, our birthday party organizer would take complete accountability and try to avoid any nuisance during your house party.

Birthday Party Organizer, best birthday party, best birthday organizer, best birthday party organizer, best party organizer
Birthday Party Organizer

The setup

Our birthday party organizer would proceed with the planning by conducting a recce at your house to understand the most spacious and convenient space for the party. However, This is important as it helps decide what area space is available and how it can be best utilized. In fact, If you have an outdoor area like a garden, it would be perfect for your party.

Space would determine what birthday décor and birthday accessories would be suitable. Theme parties might be the first on your kid’s checklist and thus is it crucial to understand the space availability. Moreover, Setting up the cake table, the party stage, and the food table, the dance floor can be challenging. Yet, not to worry, our experts ensure a magnificent look even in limited spaces.

However, Our team can display an extraordinary outlook even in your limited budget or space. Décor with drapers, balloons, paper wraps or lights can definitely set the mood of the party in your house and your child will have no complaints. 

Check the list

With the venue confirmed and space decided, let’s run through the checklist. A house party might sometimes need very few arrangements but that is when you tend to miss out on details. Our birthday party organizer will provide you a list of things, sit down with you and check that you have everything you need for the special day.

Starting from your guest list. This would give a clear understanding of how many people you invite and help the birthday party organizer understand how many people to accommodate.

However, if you Want to send out special invites to your guest. Our team would help you with special custom made invitation cards. In fact, You can even have them made at home. In case your planning for return gifts for your guest, we can even arrange for that. A special box of dry fruits, or kids’ toys as return gifts are always appealing and memorable.

Looking for a special birthday cake. Our team would provide you with the best of customized cakes from the best cake shops in the town.


Most important is the food served at your party. Definitely, you would be busy attending your guest and you cannot handle the kitchen all by yourself. This is why our birthday party organizer offers catering services.

Checking the grocery list is vital. If you enough stock already instore we would not push you to buy new stock. However, if you still need to purchase some stock or a completely new stock depending on the menu for the party our birthday party organizer and team will assist you thoroughly. Preparation of all items as decided on the menu to serving it rightly to all your guests would be our concern. We will ensure that no guest would leave an empty stomach.

However, for serving a purpose it is always recommended to arrange for paper plates, spoons, and cups in case of a house party. This helps in easy disposable and also avoids any kind of littering in your house. Our team will have a specific area designated for disposing of the used plates ensuring to keep your house clean and beautiful after the party.


We do not let go of any chance of entertainment. Even though a house party, it would not be complete without some games and activities. You can have fun activities even if space is limited.

Activities like face painting, nail art or balloon twisting games do not need space. Also, if you insist we can have a mini dance floor for your kids and guests to enjoy. Our birthday party organizer can also arrange for a DJ or special artist like one for a puppet show.

At the eleventh hour

Wondering what would happen if you missed something? Why do you have us then? Our efficient birthday party organizer will be available at every hour to guide and aid you. We promise 360degree services and not just on this special day but weeks before. Our team will do its daily check and also a thorough check on the day of the celebration. That is not it! Our birthday party organizer assures to do another round of checking even one or two hours before your party starts. Even if you need anything extra at the last minute, we have it all arranged for you. The headache is totally ours.

You can now imagine what it takes to host a house party. Our amazing birthday party organizer guarantees the best service and promises to make it the best and most special house party for your loved ones on their special day.

Building energetic memories with exclusive birthday planner in Bangalore

A splash of energy with the best birthday planner

Planning and executing a birthday party for your loved ones with a birthday planner is always a recommended suggestion. Your party planners arrange and organize the event completely, allowing you to have your fun time at the party. It gives you all the time to enjoy with your guest and loved ones. The Birthday Designers- the best birthday planner in Bangalore has more than a decade of market expertise. However, We assist our clients at all stages of planning and execution, making the birthday celebration the most memorable event of their lives.

As a birthday party planner in Bangalore, we offer exclusive services guaranteeing one-off of its kind showbiz for your children. While kids love to play around, activities are ideal for such birthday parties. The kids are happy, engaged and involved. Moreover, they love to compete with their friends and win over.

Exclusive Entertaining Activities for Children

Birthday Designers is the only birthday planner in Bangalore offering a wide offer range of birthday activities to make this special day classy and remarkable. For exciting experiences at the party, we bring to you activities like Balloon Twisting, Saree Rapping, Hair Braiding, Face Painting, Nail Painting, Musical Chair, Passing the Parcel and much more. Our team assures you to take care of all the arrangements and also ensuring your guests are completely engrossed during the party.

Balloon Twisting

A much-loved activity, Balloon twisting is one of the most favorite among the kids. As a birthday planner in Bangalore, we make arrangements for all types of balloons required for the activity. The botheration is totally ours.

Balloon twisting also brings out the best of creativity in children. Balloons bought in various patterns can be turned and twisted to create several designs. Some of the famous designs include Animals where kids can twist the balloons to make a dog, cat or any of their favorite puppets like a turtle or mouse. They would be cute and amusing just like your children. Further, balloons can be twisted to hats, hearts, flowers or bracelet like designs.

Our team of experts would be consistent in helping your kids learn and do not worry, the balloons would not burst and scare your little one.

Birthday Planner in Bangalore

Saree Rapping

It would be lovely to witness your kids trying to drape a saree around themselves. What better than an activity where your little princess would make all efforts to try the saree by herself. Young and tender kids are probable to learn faster and such activities are not just fun-loving but also a great deal for learning.

Yet, the activity is not limited only to the girls. Even boys can try to drape a saree. The competition would be definitely a treat to watch. As fun as it sounds, how about adding a time limit. In fact, even adults can participate and win some amazing gifts for themselves.

In fact, We would arrange light weighted and easy to manage sarees for this activity. Our team of birthday planner in Bangalore would equally participate and you never know, it might be a tough game.

Hair Braiding

The fun list of activities includes providing you with experts who offer a makeover to your kids. Basically, Braiding hair would a much admirable activity for your little ones.

Our experts of birthday planner in Bangalore offer different styles of hair braids. Some of such braid styles include- half-up side braid, cross-cross braided bun, twisted pigtails, braids mash-up, multiple braids and many more. We promise to make your child look beautiful and stylish.

Face Painting

As a highlight of the party, face painting activity is a completely engaging task. Painting your kids with emoji’s or their favorite Spiderman, superman design can be awe-striking. In fact, your kid would love to paint your face with their super creative imaginations. How about a selfie together afterward to showcase your kid’s talent to the world?

Furthermore, We also offer to bring in experts and paint specialists. Birthday Designers’ team of birthday planner in Bangalore would definitely not compromise on the quality of the paint.

birthday planner in Bangalore, best birthday planner, birthday planner, birthdy designers
birthday planner in Bangalore

Nail Art

What better way to pamper your little princess than this special day? Nail art is an activity very dear to the little princess. We call in experts who paint exceptional designs and create artistic designs for your kid. A few designs your kid can flaunt include checkbox black and white nail art, minion art, or any animal design.

Therefore, For all the ladies at the party, we birthday planner in Bangalore will arrange the best quality of nail polish with unique colors and good quality nail polish.

Musical Chair

A fun and all-time favorite activity, the musical chair is one of the best-known activities among all kids and even the elderly. Besides, This activity brings everyone to the floor.

In Addition, Enjoyable and exciting as it sounds, the only right thing needed is the right music. We birthday planner in Bangalore will provide our best assistance for all sound setup and music selection and we will also check that no one cheats.

Passing the Parcel

This activity is surely going to sweat out your kids with a lot of competition in the house. Passing the parcel is always fun to watch the game until the end. Even adults can participate and relive their childhood days. Besides, The winner gets a surprisingly amazing gift from our birthday planner in Bangalore

Adding to the list of exciting activities, our birthday planners also offer some exclusive games like a treasure hunt, quiz, bubble race or bowling alley. You can also choose to play some mind games like chess with your little ones. Above all., We can also arrange for some fun activities for the elders like housie, UNO, jigsaw puzzle or win in a minute challenge.

Why us?

In case you are looking for a bright day outdoor birthday party, we suggest some cool activities like sack race, lemon race or the one-legged race. In fact, This would set the energy and mood of the party.

Our birthday planner in Bangalore is open to suggestions and would definitely love to listen to your ideas. However, together we can make your party the most happening party in the town.

Birthday Planners In Bangalore

Make your loved one’s birthday party a grand success with Birthday Designer`

Whether kids or adults, we all love surprises and what better than birthdays. Although, We all love to celebrate this one day for our loved ones and make it memorable for them. They are special and one surprise party with their favorite people and choices can make them feel even more special. We all have plans and ideas for the party, yet executing the plan can be questionable. Based on the smart city- Bangalore, we at Birthday Designer have all the expertise to execute your ideas. In fact, Our supportive and cooperative team of professionals are excellent birthday planners in Bangalore. They will guide you at every step of your planning and execution.

Birthday Planners in Bangalore

Smart city, smart solution

As the city grows, Bangalore the cosmopolitan hub has a lot to offer, including hassles. While traffic might be your major concern, did you know night clubs in Bangalore have a time constraint? Planning for a Surprise party at one of the clubs might sound happening, yet not a wise decision. Spread across the city, our expert and excellent birthday planners in Bangalore are available 24*7 to meet all your needs.

As we have been prevalent in the market for more than a decade now, we at Birthday Designer have a complete understanding of the market. In fact, In this era of smart generation, your smart kids are definitely smart to demand high advanced birthday parties. However, Our birthday planners in Bangalore offer smart and advanced solutions at each corner of the city to make your celebration trendy and fabulous.

Flexible and Cooperative

Finding the right venue and setting up a perfect ambiance for your celebration are the first few key elements in the checklist. However, Our birthday planners in Bangalore have the best of venue choices available for you. We also have a list of farmhouses, bungalows and other bare houses. That we can completely transform and customize to suit your Surprise party theme.

Wondering, if we can host the party at your house? Definitely, our excellent birthday planners in Bangalore will make your dream come true for you in the best fashion possible.


Supporting with decisions in venue selection, we also offer smart décor. Birthday parties are usually celebrated with a theme. Yet, for smart generation kids, it is no longer just the Chota Bheem or a Barbie party.

How about celebrating your child’s birthday with smart light decors? Your kids would definitely love to wonder in Jurassic Park. How is it possible? Well, our expert team of lighting technicians not just build the ambiance, but also offer to create a digital park and experiences like the Jurassic World. Our birthday planners in Bangalore have all the expertise to turn your digital dreams into reality.

However, Our expertise also offers special wall lighting décors for your birthday celebration. In fact, you can have a wall decorated with pictures of your loved ones as a wall hanging or a wall collage with special lighting effects. This would be the center of attention for your party and also a unique way of showcasing memories of your loved ones.

Special Effects

How about special lighting effects in the walls with frames as background for photo sessions? No party in the digital era is complete without clicking pictures and sharing them socially. Let’s make it more special for your guests by providing special designated decorated areas at the venue to capture memories of your party. Our birthday party planners in Bangalore would not just set the area but also assist you at every step and hour like selecting the best photos, printing them as per the size and maybe even develop a story around it.

Adding to the special ambiance setup can be your ceiling lights. Special ceiling lights accompanied with color balloons can offer a different site of the event. Colored bottled with lights placed all-round the floor can add to the mood of the Surprise party. Although, We understand your worry for the kids and the risk involved with them around. Our birthday planners in Bangalore are specialists and we provide all supervision. We take all required precautions and steps needed to avoid any such risk or mishap at your party venue.

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Excellent Birthday Planners in Bangalore

Sit back and relax

Accompanied with exclusive light decors, we also take care of the sound. We provide special sound systems for your party. If you are organizing and creating the Jurassic Park in your venue. Besides, How about some nasty dinosaur sound to add to the mood of your celebration. 

We can also set up the dance floor with the best of light and sound techniques. Our adept birthday planners in Bangalore also manage to provide DJ’s, music artist or any other artist of your choice for your party. Music of all choices whether local or international, Bollywood or Hollywood we assure your guests and loved ones are going to have ultimate fun.

Other than DJ and dance you can also have a Karaoke session of your favorite music or songs, which would be well-coordinated by our birthday planners in Bangalore. While you cannot be out at night clubs after 11 in the city, you can still continue to groove or sing with our birthday planners in Bangalore.

Inclusive Package

We do not stop with the décor. Offering mouthwatering delicacy, our list of food includes all varieties of food. Therefore, Our team will take care of all the food arrangements. We will also be responsible for managing your guest list. Our packages also include an arrangement of invitation cards and return gifts at affordable prices. In addition, We offer customized gifting solutions, again smart and advanced for your guests.

Now worried about the budget? We understand the finances and our excellent birthday planners will definitely provide cost-effective party ideas suitable for your budget. We shall be responsible for total entertainment at your party and promise to make this day worth a lifetime experience for you and your loved ones.

Your loved ones are surely going to love you for our extraordinary setup and for choosing us. Our smart solutions and execution program will definitely be a pleasure for you. You can sit back, relax and enjoy your party with no burden.

Birthday Party Planner in Bangalore

Contact Birthday Designer in Bangalore for flawless party planning services

Birthday parties are fun to attend. However, organizing the party can sometimes be a tedious task. Birthday Designer is the best birthday party planner in Bangalore. In fact, We organize and host birthday parties for all age groups. Besides, we understand the biggest problem in this city is the traffic. Working around such chaos not just can make you tired, but also delays the party planning. Moreover, For working couples, this planning and execution can be a doubtful task. Yet, we understand how you want to make the day special for your little kid. However, Our services are available in every corner of the city with no hassle and stress.

Offering flawless services, our expertise as the most efficient birthday party planner in Bangalore is to make this special day even more special for you and your loved ones. Besides, Irrespective of the city’s busy traffic and commotion, our expert team will be available at your service with utmost timeliness and proficiency. Along with, understanding how the city has progressed, like a birthday party planner in Bangalore, we offer smart and advanced solutions. In fact, Our team of professionals caters to all imperative details of the party planning.

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Birthday Party Planner in Bangalore

Think Out of the Box

Birthday parties are supposed to be memorable. What is the fun when your guest does not remember your child’s birthday after days and weeks of the celebration? You definitely want to be the talk of the town.

Offering services for more than a decade, we at Birthday Designer have a thorough understanding of the market and our client needs. However, we understand how kids are smart and can be demanding on certain occasions. Rather, to meet the demands, our team is constantly researching and producing innovative ideas to celebrate the occasion. As the birthday party planner in Bangalore, our team has the knack for distinctiveness.

With guaranteed professional services, we at birthday designer, offer exclusive lighting and decoration assistance, promising to make the celebration grand. While you must be wondering about the venue and theme, our Birthday party planners in Bangalore are here to offer a one-stop solution to all your party needs providing a wide range of services.

We provide awe-striking experiences

To set the right mood of the party, the ambiance of the party is a key element. Moreover, With advanced lighting apparatus, we offer light-based décor to enhance the setup of the venue. We are sure in the era of smartphones, you wouldn’t miss capturing photos and videos of your child. How about an LED wall/screen set up to showcase some of your child’s favorite moments? Displaying the moments captured can make your child feel more special and loved. 

Our birthday party planners in Bangalore, also have exclusive abilities, one among like setting up LED screens at your party. Likewise, This will allow you and your guest to take some cool pictures. In this digital age, we are sure it is very important to capture memories and share them online. We provide the best lighting setup at the party venue for you to capture memories of a lifetime, which you can even store forever after.

Accompanied by the light is our exclusive sound mix available at your service. In fact, Right lighting and sound can set a different mood for your party. Furthermore, We ensure your guests have all the fun. grooving on the dancing floor with your loved ones. While your kids may love some dance music activities, we also manage to provide the best DJ’s in towns. Whether a dark like Halloween setup or a bright lighted Barbie theme party, our birthday party planner in Bangalore promises a smooth and unwitnessed party experience.

Perfect sound systems, lighting setups, and amazing music can make your party memorable. Trust our party planners to create one of its kind party in town for you.

We offer 360degree services

Our young dynamic team of birthday party planners in Bangalore offers a wide range of services. Inclusive of perfect ambiance and dancing experiences we also ensure no monotony.

A birthday party cannot be complete without games and activities. Our birthday party planner in Bangalore offers an exclusive list of activities to make your party entertainment for all your guests. As kids love to play, we offer a gaming corner set up exclusively for your party. In fact, Gaming booths like a wheel of fortune, bowling alley or ring game can be exciting for all.

To make your party even more interesting our birthday party planners also offer other activities and games like passing the parcel, antakshari, musical chair, saree roping, nail art. They not just conduct the activities but also actively participate along with your guests. This helps build the pace and keep up the momentum.

Our birthday party planner in Bangalore provides advanced and special photo booth set up, with exclusive lights and theme for your guests. With this booth setup, you can have your kids play and compete for the best pose to win. Such activities are not just fun but also help you capture some great, funny and amazing pictures of your party.

Why Us?

Innovative ideas and exceptional team coordination is our core strength. We provide services with a guarantee of successful and memorable parties across the town. Our passionate birthday party planner in Bangalore leaves no stone unturned.

Not limited to, our services include planning to execute the best moments at the party for your loved ones. Our birthday party planners take care of all your needs starting from your venue selection, invitation cards and also return gifts. However, we ensure the best quality is delivered at the right hour. In addition, We also offer catering services and suggest the best of eatables for your party. Managing the guest to the activities and your children is the responsibility of our team. As a result, you can have your pleasure time with your kids and guest, enjoy and participate in all activities.

We understand all clients are different and so are their needs. Thus, our birthday party planners in Bangalore are flexible and open to discussing new ideas and suggestions from the clients. After all, we understand how important is the day for you and your loved ones.

Birthday Planner

Birthdays- Let’s make it memorable with the help of best birthday planner in Bangalore

Independent of age, we all love to celebrate the birthdays of our loved ones. Whether you want to surprise your little one on their birthday or you wish to surprise your parents and grandparents on their 50th Birthday Party, Birthday Designer is here for you. Rather, the Birthday Designer is the best birthday planner in Bangalore in town. Our team is well equipped to take over all your stress. All we need is your trust!

More than a decade old, our services are spread across Bangalore. We have a dedicated team, where each one is an expert birthday planner in Bangalore. We not just ensure smooth execution but also planning and organizing anything and everything you need to make the day memorable. 

Furthermore. We at Birthday Designer take care of everything, right from your guest list to your cakes, invitation cards, return gifts, venue, food, and décor too. Our team specializes in organizing exclusive theme parties. If you are planning for a special theme party for your children or a Bollywood theme party for your elders, our team will assist you to plan with attractive themes.

What do we offer?

Planning to organize a grand birthday party for your children and wondering about the theme? We offer a pool of choices for our customers and are also open to discussing any new requirements. We welcome all suggestions from our customers and execute to our best. Our birthday planner in Bangalore ensures to arrange and manage all your needs and make it the most special day for your loved ones. 

Providing end to end support, our professional birthday planner in Bangalore will assist you with the choice of venue. Your budget will definitely be taken into consideration. Along with the venue, our birthday planner in Bangalore will also arrange the best décor for the party. Right from the look and feel of the entrance gate set up to the stage, your welcome board with exclusive messages running across the board. We also take care of any artist or music requirement.

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Birthday Planner

We have creative minds in the house

Whether the celebration is for your 6-year-old champ or your little princess, we have a variety of themes for each one. For the champs, some themes include- Chotabheem, Doremon, Pikachu, Cowboy or Avengers, Spiderman, Batman or Superman. For the little princesses, some of our themes include the Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, and Barbie Theme or if your princess admires the Wonder Woman we can have it arranged too. Our expert birthday planner in Bangalore will definitely help organize some grand theme parties for you.

Our creative team of birthday planners in Bangalore also offer to provide a wide variety of customized greeting cards, invitation cards, return gifts for your guests. We can arrange for exclusive customized gifts or customize the readymade. We ensure to make it remarkable and extraordinary for each one.

The party Is not over yet-

We also offer customized thematic cakes for your birthday parties. An Avenger character cake or a Chota Bheem Cake, a Barbie cake or a Little Mermaid cake, our birthday planner in Bangalore can arrange it all. Not looking for a theme based cake? Not to worry, we also provide cakes of different flavors- Chocolate, the Dark Chocolate cake, Pineapple or a special Butterscotch, Vanilla or a Strawberry, The Truffle Chocolate or the Black Forest we have it all under one roof. To make it more exciting and outstanding we provide special designs for your cake tables.

We do not encourage boredom and a birthday party is indeed incomplete without activities. Our enthusiastic birthday planner in Bangalore ensures to engage and entertain your guests and loved ones thoroughly. Moreover, We can arrange games and exclusive fun zones. These include games like the musical chair, magic show, passing the parcel, quiz for the kids, nail art, antakshri, saree rap, balloon twisting and much more.

To fill the appetite, we offer mouthwatering delicacies and all kinds of food arrangements. Starters to the main course we will arrange for a full 4-course meal for the party. We provide arrangements of all types of Indian, Continental, Chinese, Mughlai food and many others. Our birthday planner in Bangalore ensures the food is well served on the table. In Addition, We will take care of the hygiene and cleanliness too. Yes, we are not forgetting your desserts. Most Importantly, Ice Creams to Gulab Jamuns to Kulfis we have it all for your sweet tooth.

How are we different?

We take care of all your needs. Missing out on anything? We know exactly how to complete it. We capture the unforgettable day for you through the lenses. Our expert photographic team will capture all your lovely moments. We also provide a team of photographers and videographers to cover the birthday party. Moreover, The decorations, lights, ambiance, candid moments, cake cutting to games are all captured in beautiful photo reels for your life long memory.

Additionally, we also provide photographers for pre-birthday shoots to capture some candid moments. Moreover, We offer special photo booth arrangements at the venue with exclusive designs and canopy or funny boards for photo shoots. Furthermore, We also offer to make videos and stream it for your guests all throughout the event. Our birthday planner in Bangalore also suggests themes and ideas of video making for you. Henceforth, As we believe memories last forever!

Budget is never a concern

Now you must be wondering about the cost? Promising to make it the most unforgettable birthday for your loved ones, our birthday planner in Bangalore will take care of your budget too. In spite, Whether you have a low budget plan or a grand birthday celebration, we understand how special is this day for you and your loved one.

Why choose us?

The birthday planners in Bangalore at Birthday Designer are a team with more than a decade of experience. Besides, We ensure the safety of each one too. Above all, We take care of the basic requirements for any kind of risk involved.

More precisely, Our journey is nonetheless incomplete without our customers. With innovation and unique ideas, we guarantee you the best experience and most memorable experience for your loved ones on this special day. Therefore, We work alongside our customers as a team ensuring smooth execution of all plans right from brainstorming your needs to arranging and managing it all for you. Offering the best quality service in town, our creative birthday planner team ensures you a happy and stress-free experience.

Birthday Party Planner

I shall ever remember my 5th birthday party. The surprises and grand celebration shall always be the closest to my heart. Imagine when your loved ones would be sharing their birth stories with their friends and the world ever after. We exactly know the feeling!

Such grand celebrations and building memories of a lifetime can sometimes be exhausting. We are here, thus, at your service! With the experience of more than a decade. Besides, we at Birthday Designer the best birthday party planner in Bangalore promise to make the experience more pleasant and enchanting for your loved ones.

Birthday Designer based in Bangalore is a professional and proficient birthday party planner in town. In fact, We are known for our innovative and unique style of party planning and execution. Moreover, We ensure you the best experience on this special day for your loved one.

What do we offer?

We offer services include organizing exceptional birthday parties. Moreover, We are a one-stop solution providing all arrangements right from your venue selection to your cakes, décor, food, and photographers too. With a committed team of birthday party planners, we promise to turn your dream party into reality and make it the most remarkable day for your loved one.

Our birthday party planner in Bangalore specializes in organizing engaging theme parties. Rather, Surprising your little ones or parents and grandparents with what they love the most can make this day unforgettable for them.

Your kid must be a huge fan of Doremon or the Avengers, while your little princess must be a Mermaid or Snow White fan. We expertise in planning and bringing your kids dream party into reality in the best and simplest possible manner. Here are some of the exclusive theme parties for you-

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Birthday Party Planner

Girl Birthday Party Themes:

Barbie Theme

Dressed in pink and white, your little princess would just look gorgeous. With a complete Barbie setup, we provide all setup of decorations with balloons and special customized Barbie cake. Your invitation cards to your return gifts are all the little Barbie style. Our birthday party planner in Bangalore would also organize all entertaining games for the little Barbies in the house.

Princess Theme:

You would love to make your special daughter feel the princess of your life. This theme is close to many little girls and we assure you to make it more special for them.  The invitation cards to the ambiance of the venue are setup accordingly with the theme. Your little daughter rules the day like a princess and our excellent team of birthday party planners ensure to make all her wishes come true on this special day.

The Little Mermaid Theme:

How about being a special fish in the sea? It’s always a feeling undefined. Your little daughter believes in fairy tales can come true with this one extraordinary theme. Our birthday party planner in Bangalore promises to set up the right ambiance and feel through their outstanding and unique décor ability. A special mermaid cake and games in the water can make this day much significant for your little one. Do not worry, we will take care of all the safety too.

Wonder Women Theme:

You would love your little daughter to grow strong and we believe in strength. For all the little girls who grow up as magnificent powerhouse, the Wonder Women theme is the best. Sending out strong messages in invitation cards to organizing customized dress for your little daughter, our birthday party planner in Bangalore makes it all possible. 

To make it more special you can even choose other themes like Alice In Wonderland, Snow White, the Fairy Theme or Minnie Mouse.

Boys Birthday Party Themes:

Chota Bheem Theme:

The most popular and exciting theme, the Chota Bheem of your house would love to feel the same on this special day. Our birthday party planner in Bangalore arranges for exclusive decors like orange and green balloons, the Chota Bheem special cake, invitation cards and a special photo booth for your little one to enjoy.

Minion Theme:

A special and much popular theme, this one cannot go wrong. With millions of Minions fans, we ensure to arrange the day just appropriately and make this an unforgettable celebration. In fact, A special Minion T-shirt dress code and cake can do wonders for your lovely champ.

Avengers Theme:

Does your champ admire the Superheroes? We are sure he will. The Avengers are always trendy and special. Your champ would love to celebrate his special day as his superhero and step into their shoes. Likewise, Our birthday party planner in Bangalore is here just to make it right for you. Characters of Superheroes and power games can indeed be a memorable experience. Similarly, We also specialize in organizing special Superhero Theme Parties like Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man or the Super Man. Additionally, Some other exclusive themes include- The Royal Prince Theme, Doremon Theme, Jungle theme

Additionally, we also make sure that all your parties are interactive for your guests. On the whole, We offer a pool of services including your venue selection, setting up the right ambiance with the right décor, customized birthday cakes both thematic or any flavor of your choice. In addition, We take care of all catering services at the party, the light and stage setup. Also, we arrange for all kinds of activities and games to keep the party rolling. Artist or a special musical night with your DJ is all available in our checklist.

Why Us?

We engage with our clients with a completely positive approach, understanding their requirements including the budget.  In Fact, We offer all Innovative Concepts, Creative Ideas, Theme Parties ensuring all production and execution in the smoothest manner.

Moreover, We are a steadfast team of best birthday party planners known for our time commitment. In fact, We ensure your party starts at the time with no glitches in the process. Besides, We are best known for our idea conceptualization and meticulous planning to the distinctive execution guaranteeing you the best birthday celebration in town. 

Furthermore, Our team includes crazy and fun-loving individuals who are expert birthday party planners for all age groups. Enthusiastic and children loving they specialize in kid’s birthday party celebrations.

We are here for you. Share your day with us so you can sit back, relax and enjoy!